Privacy Policy

Here’s CoThings’s default privacy policy. Since CoThings is open source, anyone can distribute the applications, so you should check their privacy policy. The privacy policy can be found on the server home page and mobile application’s About screen and Boarding screen which shows on the very first launch of the application.

Required Device Permissions for mobile application (iOS)

  • Location (Allow Always)

In order to monitoring beacons to update the rooms status automatically while the app is inactive (not running) we need location permission to be authorized “Always” unless you want to open the app every time. It’s totally up to you. First, it will ask you for “While Using The App” first, later it will ask you to change “Always (in Background)”

  • Local Push Notification

    You can enable local push notication to let know when you enter / exit the rooms in Settings.

CoThings does not

  • Record or monitor your location
  • Track you or your location
  • Log your room usage

CoThings does

  • Monitor beacons in background (very low battery usage)
  • Depending on the server configuration, room usage statistics might be collected. Room usage statistics does not include any user information.


And CoThings is open source! Checkout the source code

Last updated
July 15 2020